A friend asked me today what i felt our kids were learning from Eric and I. I think the main thing, sadly, is indifference. There are worse things to teach, for sure.

But at this point, I think the benefit of mom and dad in the same home is what they are gaining. They should have mom and dad in the same home at this age. We don't hate each other, we're not mean, we just aren't a traditional couple. Could definately be worse. Truly could.

Christmas is in full force. I don't have the energy to send out cards, nor did we send gifts to our families. First time since we've been together. The hours that I'm putting in at work and the demands of the house and family have worn me out. I hope our friends and family know how important they are to us, even without cards and swiss colony gifts...

I am so so so so excited for Saturday, though. The kids will be in a parade for a local radio show. 105.1 "The Buzz". We (the kids and I ) are decorating their tandem trike to make it a float: they will be a rolling christmas tree with presents under it!!! I'm excited, excited, excited! Oh. And so are Levi and Vivian...they had a blast helping to decorate their tree today! I can't wait until the parade!

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