Ballet recital today!!

I'm excited, today is Levi and Vivian's ballet recital! They have worked hard to learn as much as they could, and it will be cool to see them with all the other kids.

When the class started the teacher called role call and asked each students age; when she got to Vivian and then Levi, she asked if they were twins. Vivian was very quiet, but Levi piped up loudly "no, we're triplets, one died."

'Nuff said, huh? :)

Levi is the only boy, and had a hard time. A few classes he gave up, saying it was too hard. But with him not in therapy right now, i'm sure it's good for him. I didn't force him to join in class, but he says he will dance today.

The walk for March of Dimes is over, it was a lot of work, with me working full time and trying to fit in everything else, but it was fun. We were, again, the last ones in from the walk, like usual. Everything was closed up and all were gone except MOD employees. The TV appearances went really well, and the newspaper article was good, although the reporter called Levi and Vivian twins in it...

Bits 'n' Pieces: Loss of son stirs effort to help others - Columbian.com

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