Another licensed driver in the house!!

I remember years ago when i got my license. When i was learning to drive. I've always loved to drive and the freedom that driving awarded was so important to me.

Well, my oldest has crossed that threshold!! Eric, along with Levi and Vivian, took Matt in yesterday morning to take his drive test. He did great, and walked away a licensed driver!!

And not ten minutes later he was calling me at work to ask if he could borrow the van. What?! My new van?? He's responsible and I know he drives well. But still, it's my new van!

Insurance? Yeah, that was a hit... it almost doubled our insurance cost... beware anyone that has kids getting ready to drive. Matt was happy, though, as he was expecting almost double the amount that it was. And yes, I tried... they said it doesn't count as a discount if two licensed CDL drivers taught him to drive... they laughed and said eventually it will make a difference for him with his own lower rates as he'll be a safer driver, but no discount as of yet!

Levi was so excited to be able to ride with his big brother driving the van!!

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