Light a candle in rememberance...

This year we were blessed with a beautiful mild Pacific Northwest night. Uncommonly warm for this area this time of year.
We went to Red Robin (Vivian's fav) for the kids' birthday dinner. This year thankfully we got no "twin" questions, just excitement at two kids turning 6! It was fabulous, and even though Levi had more noise and excitement than he could handle, we had a great dinner. He is learning self coping mechanisms, and found that sitting under the table was quieter and easier for him to handle. With a sensory sensitve kid, that is a blessing; when he learns to control what he can in his world. If it had been Matt or Megan at this age I would have insisted they sit like young ladies/boys, but Levi was coping and that was a great thing.

We got home in time to light a candle. Not only in rememberance of our Angel Eric, but in  honor and rememberance of all families that have felt the pain of losing a baby...

Happy Birthday in Heaven baby boy. We all miss you, Eric.

And thank you to my family on the Wight side, for joining in and lighting a candle... It is truly touching to know that Eric's short existence really has touched so many people. Thank you, Dad, for passing on the links, and Thank you Uncle Wendel for passing them on farther.

May God bless you all.

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