Eye Doctors Report... 6 years later...

The kids had their annual eye doctor appointment with their specialist, Dr. Wheeler, at The Casey Eye Institute. This is the doctor that saved Vivian's vision when she was 4 months old, one month after finally coming home from the NICU. Dr. Goodman, the doctor that had followed the kids during the NICU stay and after, decided that Vivian was at risk of going blind due to ROP and sent us on to see Dr. Wheeler.

Dr. Wheeler preformed laser surgery on her when she was 4 months old. Her blood vessels were growing out of control and beginning to detach her retinas. She was still so small, but such a chubby little baby! ...

After surgery she stayed 12 hours in teh NICU at OHSU hospital, and then came home again...able to see fine!
So every year, because of the risk of serious eye problems we visit Dr. Wheeler and examine their eyes. They get dialated (which, thanks to Brent at work I was able this year to find out what this is like for the kids), and they do a full exam. This year the kids were old enough to tell me what it was like, and it was too funny... Vivian got in the van afterward and looked at her snack and said "momma, this looks funny", I look back at her and she says :"momma, you look funny, too!" They were so cute checking their eyes in the mirror, and both told me that they couldn't even see the thank you cards they were working on that evening for their birthday. So that was put off for another day.

Anyway... Dr. Wheeler said that we don't need to return next year. He says that their vision is great, no far or near sightedness, and that it looks as though they will never need glasses. Pretty good, since my other two, who were full term, both wear glasses!

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