The things I think about:

I watch Levi and Vivian play. It's amazing, fighting or not fighting they are always together.
He may be playing cars on the floor, with her next to him playing Barbies. And his cars will need to use the Barbie house as a garage. Or her Barbies will need a ride in a truck. Or they're watching cartoons, which has become a treat since they only get a short amount of TV time, and they'll be laying across each other on their little couch. Or it rains, and they don rain boots and coats and collaborate to go "fishing" in the fish-less pond in the front yard. The play turns to catching tree limbs on the tree in the middle of the yard.

And then I realize: They are always together, good or bad. They like to have the other one close.

I see the non-parrallels when I think back to when Matt and Megan were little. They were almost always is two different stages. Megs following her big brother, or him annoying his little sister. Not much playing together.

And that reminds me. Sometimes I forget. They are so special. We seem to see the kids as just a couple kids, because they are, but aren't, still Triplets. We see an empty spot. But that IS in our minds, in our heart. Triplets was such an amazing gift, but multiples of any kind, are amazing, and a gift. We are so very lucky to have our survivors. To be able to watch them play and interact together. To get to laugh at their shennanigans, and marvel at their love for each others' closeness.

Levi and Vivian are amazing to watch, so much fun to be around, and such a blessing in our lives! And, just like I tell them as they lay down for sleep at night; They are so special to me!

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Trina said...

HI!! I made myself an account, so now I can comment!! Love you guys-- ALL of you!!

Love Auntie