Dad... the kids miss you.

This is especially for my Dad...

The kids were talking about the Jeep yesterday in the van. "momma, when are we going to drive the jeep?" (Levi) Vivian says "when we're Matt and Megan's age." (yes, she understands the Jeep is going to cost a bit of money) So Levi says that maybe Grandpa can help us work on it. I tell him we will drive it next Summer. Then Vivian says "where's Grampa?" This is a common conversation. Grandpa's in Nevada... Vivian says she can't 'member what grandpa looks like, that maybe she's never seen him. I told her he was around alot when they were little. Levi says "Grandpa has a bird on his head, remember, Vivan?" (the picture on the fridge) Then he says he's gonna live in a camper like his Granpdpa... Vivian says "we've seen your mom, momma, now we need to see your dad."

We miss you, Grandpa with the bird on your head! And we love you! If you can't make it up here next year, we'll trailer the jeep down there and go for a ride...   ;)

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