Early mornings...

Levi, with his SID, frequently wakes at night. But, I'm ok with it. Way I see it, one of these days he won't be my cuddly little guy. He won't let me hold him and snuggle at some point. (yes, I know from experience!)

So, this morning, as well as most other mornings, we're probably quite the sight as we swing on the front porch swing at 1, 2, or 3AM. He's getting big, but ever since he was healthy enough for me to hold him, he has seemed to melt right into me when I pick him up. He snuggles his face right into my neck, and just fits perfectly content in my arms. He folds himself in and I just know he is comfortable. So I don't mind waking in the middle of the night to comfort his leg pains and his itching. The muscle weakness from the brain bleed causes pains in his leg and foot, the SID or SPD, however you label it, causes him to seek out sensory input, which makes him unable to transition back into REM sleep after semi-awake states.

I cherish the time spent swinging him on the front porch.

The rocking gives Levi the vestibular motion that he needs to aid in his communication between brain hemispheres and need for help with balance. Many of his therapy sessions are focused on vestibular activities, and the other swing on our porch is there for his own self-focused vestibular movement.

I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be mom to him and his siblings, each of them has given me something so precious. Each of them has taught me something, and opened my eyes in one way or another.

I wouldn't trade any of these kids for anything in the world...
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