The kids and I drove down to "help" Daddy this weekend at work. The kids had a great time meeting all of the people that daddy delivers to, and seeing what he does during his weekends away.
For Vivian, it was an awful long drive, and by the time we got to Junction City (on our way to Coos Bay) she was asking again "are we almost there?" I told her how much longer, and she said "I don't EVER want to go here again!"
It was fun, though. We spent the night with Daddy, then, as Daddy headed across hwy 126, we followed 101 instead, stopped at a lighthouse park to look through tidepools and enjoy a little PNW slightly-rainy beach weather.

So, 700 more miles on my van, and after less than a year, it rolled over to 20,000 miles. Like I told Eric, though, it wasn't like it had NO miles on it when I bought it, I mean, it did have 24 miles on the odo when I drove it off the lot...;)

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