When is it okay to lie? Words from a couple seven-year-olds...

On the way home from gymnastics we have the greatest conversations...

Levi is a story teller like his Daddy. He loves to embellish his stories. So, routinely I will listen to a story and then ask "Levi, if I were to ask someone that was there with you, would the story still be the same?" Ultimately he will come clean.
And that was how it started on the way home...

"mom, I saw 8 rabbits at the park today!"

"really, wow! Would Daddy tell me the same number if I asked him about the rabbits?"

"well, I saw ONE, but it was really cute!!"


then, contemplatively quiet from Vivian..."there's only some times that it is okay to lie"

Really? When viv?

well, like if your friend is missing and you know something you can lie and say you don't... (isn't that backwards?)

Levi pipes in - You mean if your friend gets kidnapped and you see it happen and the bad guy says "don't tell anyone!" you can say you won't and then get away and tell a grown up so they can find your friend.

I like your idea better, Levi... AND I love that you and your sister can work together to finish each others' thoughts and navigate this world!!

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