When the Anniversaries Have Passed...

...I am always able to breathe a sigh of relief.
The anniversary of the kids Micro-Preemie entrance into this world brings back so many painful memories.
The month following brings daily thoughts of "__ years ago I still had all three of my miracles here on earth with us..."
The anniversary of Eric's passing then brings me to the end of part of the pain... Not that I miss him less; not that I don't find tears randomly entering my world; but the reality that we have passed these days of when there was three still alive brings an odd sense of calm...

So today; I am thankful.
Thankful for my survivors and my other children.
Thankful that against all odds Levi is able to run and play and amaze me with his sense of humor.
Thankful that against all odds Vivian is capable and excels at almost everything she tries to do.
Thankful that Megan, even in her Senior year and with all the crazy things that go along with it, is happy to help out with and spend time with her little brother and sister.
Thankful that Matt has grown to such a caring, thoughful and helpful young man.
And yes, thankful that I got to spend the time that I did with Little Eric that first month.

This year is hard, what with the divorce and all. My goal for the holiday season this year is to remember to be thankful for the smallest of blessings...

© erikalandon 2011

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