Our trio of Two...Beginning a new year. Full of promise, full of new adventures to come. Levi and Vivian have made wonderful progress this past year. We have two toddlers now, both taking a few wobbly steps at a time! We are seeing some very strong personalities...Vivian takes whatever her brother has, uses him as a step stool, and pulls up using him. But Heaven Forbid he brush up against her while passing by! Vivian is a very strong willed little girl (Hmmm, could it be the beautiful RED hair?!) Levi is content to get another toy if she wants his(or is it just that he gets bored easily?) We will forever see an empty spot when we see the two of them. We have no answers on how to raise them, with one missing. No answers on how the loss will affect them. We know how it affects us. We thank God for the time we did have with Eric, and also for Levi and Vivian, our miracle babies!
We go in May for the start of reconstruction surgery in Ohio. Mom and the babies will stay there for a month while Vivian goes back and forth for procedures. We are, of course, hoping for the best case scenario, but are also preparing fo rthe worst! We learned that in October that her airway is 100% occluded from the damage from the Endo-Tracheal tube, and the damage is directly underneath her vocal cords, so our fingers are crossed that her cords aren't damaged during this surgery and she has a voice when they are done.
Life is wonderfully busy with our four living children in the house. Levi and Vivian's faces light up when Matt and Megan come home form school, that is the best thing to witnes! Our 26 weeker micro preemies are doing even better than expected! Levi was last weighed on December 9, at 18pounds, 15oz, and Vivian was 16 pounds. Vivian took her first steps on Christmas Eve, Levi about a week later. They still hold on most of the time, but are starting to venture out on their own! They are both cutting through their top teeth, Vivian has 4 coming in, Levi has, so far, 1.
We look forward to everything this year will bring.

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