Things I want to remember...

The day my triplets were born, and how beautiful all three of them were when I finally got to see them.

When I was pregnant and could see and feel all three babies moving so lively inside of me. How proud I was to reveal that we were having triplets.

The ulstrasounds, and how Vivian was always so hard to find. In her own "tunnel" as far away from her obnoxious brothers as she could be.

The first time I held my newborn daughter Megan, and how wonderful it felt.

The time Eric Jr looked right into my eyes that day in the NICU.

The pride I felt at first glimpse of my son Matthew on the day he was born so long ago in 1991.

The sadness I felt when I held Eric as he was dying.I always want to remember the first time I held Little Eric...and wish I could forget it was also the last.

How happy I was the day Eric and I married.

How amazing it is that Levi and Vivian are healthy.

How blessed we were for God to give us identical twin boys, even if only for one heavenly month.

How helpless I felt when my husband's dad died.

How lucky we are in our lives to have what we have.

The day that NICU staff performed CPR on our little 2 pound Vivian and brought her back to us. How lucky we are to have her.

The day in January that I took Vivian's trach out and she breathed without it for the first time in over two years!

That once Eric and I loved and cared for each other very much and that that love is what these amazing children were born of.

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