One Month to March For Babies Walk!!

Getting donations this year is a bit tough, but I'm excited for the walk. The babies are haveing fun and getting so much more involved in talking about and raising money for MOD.

The kids did a channel 2 Public Service Announcement shoot for television, and they seemed to have a lot of fun! Lots of re-takes, but they took it really well.

Then, on the 31st, we will be guests on AM Northwest. I'm nervous and excited.

Levi and Vivian are so different from each other nowdays. Vivian is a whiz at drawing, coloring and writing, and starting to build small words. While Levi is amazing at math and even starting to read a bit!!

Soon we will start Music Therapy with Levi. It has been proven to be very helpful with sensory kids, and I am hoping it will help him to sleep a bit more at night. He's still waking almost every hour most nights. He gets leg pains and says his body itches, which I suspect is the only way he can figure to explain his body and mind's need for sensory input. Poor kid is so tired when he wakes, too. He really wants to sleep, just can't.

Megan has been grounded for almost two months now, but I think she has learned a valuable lesson. And, **bonus** her grades are AWESOME as an unexpected result!!

Matt is waivering on his decision to join the army. There have been some added roadblocks due to so many people joining the army as a cause of the economy. Hopefully he will decide the Army is a good choice for him. Well, I think it is at least...

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