The babies and I were invited to attend a Winterhawks Hockey game with the March of Dimes today. There was a dinner reception beforehand, and the seats in the Lexus level of the Rose Garden. It was a lot of fun, although it was all too much for Levi. About 1 hour into it all, he had had enough, being alone with the two of them I wasn't able to hold them both, and he needed some quiet. Vivian and I were enjoying the game and would have liked to stay, but in Levi's best interest decided to go home. We still had a great time, and we'll try another game again.

The babies came home with Winterhawks shirts, game pucks, and noise makers. Definately something to remember.

And, the next morning I learned we missed the best part... the Winterhawks were losing when we left, but afterwards they came back and ended up winning!!

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