The babies and I are in California. Red Bluff, to be exact. My Grandma passed away and we drove down here, bringing with us Auntie Taryn and Grandma Leslie. Even with the sad circumstances it is good to take the kids to where my story began. I was born in Red Bluff.
The bad thing is that I stayed up waaaay too long to drive down here after work Monday. By 2pm I was exauhsted Tuesday, but the babies were so good, they layed down for their nap and let me get some sleep in the hotel room, thank God.
The week here in California is good for them. We're not close to most of my family, other than Auntie Trina, so the babies get to meet Great-Uncle Silas and his wife Pam, Great-Uncle Robin and his wife Alice, and Great-Uncle Mel's son Blake.
Levi loves being in a small town like Red Bluff, and we're here right during the big bull sale. Cowboys and pickups everywhere, and being right on the I-5 corridor there's enough trucks for my little Semi-Truck lover!

When they found out we were going to California Levi was so excited because he was gonna see Happy Cows, and Vivian was worried she wouldn't get a hamburger (no explanation for that one). So Levi see's a bunch of cows here, and we get to go to Redding for burgers at In-N-Out Burger!

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