Vivian's riding a two-wheeler!!!!!

Such a proud day! I came home from work after a long day. Sat down with a beer to watch the kids ride their bikes while Eric headed to bed early for work... And I told Vivian she was doing so well. You see, a couple weeks ago Matt had talked her into letting him raise her training wheels a bit. A week later i quietly raised them a bit more without telling her. She was riding for the most part without the aid of training wheels, but still needed the security they provided. Then, as I sat watching them ride, i asked again: "are you ready to take off your training wheels?" expecting to again hear 'no, not until i start school' in her oh-so-grown up passionate voice. To my surprise she said instead "Yes!" I took one off, and ran next to her as she raced down the road, not using the lone training wheel that was left. "go tell Daddy!!" yes, that was worth him missing a few minutes of sleep. He can't miss this moment. She was so excited to show him how well she was doing.

Then; "mommy, take off the other..." and away she went... my big girl on a two wheeler!!!

And now, with her able to ride on her own, i can focus on working with Levi on his glider.... he'll be riding in no time; right?!

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