"Bee causes car accident..."

Eric bought his new little 'hot rod'; a 1991 Mustang 5.0. His fun car. He's got plans to upgrade the upgrades and make it even "more".

The one thing i insisted that when he drives it he have the better booster seats in it since it's not as safe as my van. I worry. We were back to sharing carseats rather than having one in each of the three vehicles. Kinda sucked, but i was planning on buying new ones for the van soon anyways. And the kids, even though almost 6 years old now are small, only 30 and 32 pounds. Matt was that weight at 4 months! So they're just barely at the size for boosters.

Well, Thursday Eric was driving with the kids in the car, coming up on a light, and Vivian screamed that there was a bee in the car. He looked back at her, and in that split second hit the car in front of him. Ahhh!! It wasn't a hard collision, but it WAS still a collision in a 1991 vehicle without all the modern safety features. And, turns out the seatbelts didn't work right, and the kids' bodies lurched forward.

So, with that knowledge we bought the kids new carseats
Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 seats; when the kids do get big enough for just boosters they can turn into backless booster seats, back again in five-point harnesses for now, though. I thought they'd be angry, but they like their new seats. And even though less convenient, the piece of mind is worth it.

So, new project for Eric's new car is a hood, front clip and headlights...

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