First Full Day of School...

First full day of Kindergarten. Yes. I admit it, I teared up as I left. I kissed the kids, Eric and I helped them find their spots to sit in the classroom, which was at two seperate tables, i was happy to see. I kissed them and signed "I Love You". Vivian kissed little Eric (they kiss the pendant i wear on my necklace) and I said bye to Levi... He looked up at me with his beautiful brown eyes and said "aren't you staying with me??" awwwwwww...

Then came the thoughts that although the kids tell me Little Eric is going to school with them in their hearts, my mommy brain was sad. Another missed milestone. Another day i wish I could watch both my little boys holding their sister's hand as they walked into their first day of school. Yes, the thoughts always prtray such a perfect world, don't they. Reality probably would have been more like three kids fighting to be the first one out of the van...

But they had agreat day!

How was school today? Did you have fun?

Levi: I didn't make any friends.
You will...
Vivian: I didn't make any friends, not yet.
Ohh... you will

Do you like your teacher?
Vivian: Yeah. (in the leave-me-alone-voice)
She's busy, wants mommy to just leave her alone.
Levi: Yeah, but she leaves to go to lunch and then comes back to us.
He's trying to figure out why/how his teacher sends them to recess, gym and lunch but isn't always with him. This is new to him.
I love seeing the world from his eyes... such a different perspective.

Levi, do you like your Gym teacher? "yeah" What's his name? "He's a boy, mom, not a girl." I know, but what's his name? "I don't know, but he knows our names, he's really smart!"

Letters for this month are Aa Kk Ss. We practiced, before they were too worn out after school.

Megan's full force into Sophomore-ism. New friends. Running around as much as possible, No sports so far, though. No clubs (still trying) but hopefully on her way to good grades this year again... Now where did she take off to? Thank God she has a phone, i can't keep up...

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Rod said...

I wish we were closer to you so we could share some of these special moments with you. Levi and Vivian are special to us probably more so since we were close with from birth and helping with their start in life. We love you all.
Grandma and Grampa Wight.