Mommy, this is the time of day that Bats sleep, and i'm a Bat, so LET ME SLEEP!!

I have so much fun with my kids. Yes, i'm tired and probably not as on-top-of-my-game as i'd like to be, but my kids are a blast. All of them, and all of their friends!!

I had to leave for work earlier than usual on Monday. So Megan got ready fast, I got ready, we got the babies' things into the van, and carried the sleeping kids down to their carseats. Vivi wanted her earrings, first thing she asked for when her eyes opened; her knew clip-on earrings she got for school

And Levi... my imaginative little man... he's in love with Bats and Vampires lately. Full-on dresses like a vampire (in a hallowwen costume) every chance he gets, and carries his friend "batty", a Webkinz bat that he just adores. So, as I slide him into his carseat and lay his blanket over him, he says "this is the time of day that bats sleep, and i'm a bat, so let me sleep!!"

I can always count on his imagination for laughs!! He says the funniest things, thinks of the wildest stories, and watching him and Vivian play make believe and interact in their imaginative worlds is such a gift!

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