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The kids ask me all the time why I work and Daddy doesn't. Eric DOES work, but he works Friday thru Monday and Wednesday nights, the times he is at work they are with me, so I guess it seems different to them. I am gone from about 3:45am to 5:45pm every weekday. So, to their minds, I am gone during THEIR days and they miss me. I don't blame them. I miss them every minute I am away. They and I still fondly remember the days when I was a SAHM. Daily walks, learning times, games; even housecleaning was a fun chore when I was home every day, we would make a good time of it.

So, my weekends, as much as I want to sit down and do NOTHING, I try to make as much of it as I can. Not monetary things, just togetherness.

Yesterday we trekked to the zoo. I love our zoo. I've taken the kids to zoos at almost every place we've travelled; the Cinncinatti zoo, Seattle's Point Defiance zoo, Pittsburgh zoo with my best friend, and also other animal-related venues. We have a great time at zoos, and enjoy our trips every time.

This time was even better. I am nstill not able to navigate the zoo without some form of transportation for the kids (sure miss ths days when they fit in the Inglesina stroller...) as I am not willing to carry them both when they tire. So we bring the tandem trike by Kettler and they ride when they want and run/walk when they want.

I am so loving this age... (hmmm... at times; as I think about the loud arguments they tend to have now;) but they are so much fun when they want to be! They are mobile, they listen well, they follow directions, and they interact with their world more. They're a blast to watch.

So, we have the zoo membership because we frequently do visit, and the kids love going there. Our main reason this day was for Levi to see "his family" as he calls them; the Bats. And the bonus was we got to see the new exhitbit with Vivian's favs, the large cats; jaguars, lions and such...

Riding down the hill on the way to the rain forest.
One good thing about the trike is I don't always have
to push them...

                                                                          Levi Looooooves his bats!

Vivian and her fav: Jaguars!

Megan and Megan, always goofing around, LOL!

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