Thanksgiving leftovers:

The multiples blog I read sometimes posts a weekly question, and this week it is:

What do you like to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

OK. Our house is busy, but I love to cook. Currently there are 6 kids living at home right now; 4 teenagers and two toddlers, plus Eric and I, two guinea pigs, our Bassett Fred, and our awesome cat, Shadow.

I'll cook turkey with stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, asparagus with real hollandiase sauce, a fruit salad (with Soy whipping cream), home made milk-free fudge, milk free pumpkin pies, and hopefully a pecan pie too, regular deviled eggs and deviled eggs with shrimp.

And from that I pray I will get my beloved cold turkey sandwich made from white meat with mustard and mayo only.

Then I will cook another turkey that weekend so we can have cold sandwiches, and Megan's fav: Turkey hash, made with light and dark meat (the only time she'll eat dark meat) and diced potatoes.

Leftovers? With my house full I'd have to cook a 40 pound turkey to have enough leftover for anything to speak of!

How about you??

Check out what others do with their Thanksgiving leftovers at the Multiples and More blog...

Another good question: Oven-baked or deep fried?

I love the turkey each way, but admitedly Eric likes me to cook it so he has a leg to eat...

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Lani said...

Wow, that is a house full! The spread you make sounds amazing though- I don't even know if I can pull off a turkey this year:)
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Trina said...

So, we are doing a turkey AND a ham... along with the normal stuff-- mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (only for me), fruit salad, cranberry sauce, rolls, fudge, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pumpkin pie cake-- and Brittany's corn on the cob... now that she can eat it again, she wants it all the time! We will do stuff like HOT turkey sandwiches, a crock pot of ham and beans, ham for breakfast, etc. Luckily, both ham and turkey are favorites here, so they'll go fast-- before we get tired of them. Hey... feel free to save me a slice of pecan pie-- or, better yet, bring it over and have dessert with us :) Love ya'!

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