ARROW Trucking shuts down 2 days before Christmas...

Arrow trucking shut down today, leaving drivers stranded. I've read that they were told to drop their trailers where they could and get their Tractors to a terminal for the company to liquidate. Sad. This leaves MANY (about 1400) truckers stranded just before Christmas...and also leaves the companies that were expecting the loads that Arrow was contracted to deliver potentially screwed too. It's a bad deal no matter how you look at it. The company shut off the fuel cards and the last paychecks bounced, so these guys (yes, and women) are SOL.

Trucking's been in my family forever... My dad, my brother and sister's dad, my x-mother in law's husband, and my brother in law and my husband and I; I just wanted to post a couple ways that people could help...

Facebook; search for Support stranded arrow truckers
Go to http://www.cdlofit.com/, their Christmas fundraising is also going to help Arrow drivers get home.

Schneider has ok'd their drivers to use the best route and best judgement to give stranded Arrow drivers a ride home or at least close to it.

Arrow drivers can also call OOIDA (Owner Operators and Independant Drivers Association) at 800-444-5791.

http://www.oktrucking.org/blog/ Click the link for more info and for links and numbers that stranded drivers can use to  get home.

Click here for even more info on companies offerring help and/or looking for drivers and mechanics.

If you see one of these drivers that needs help... even if you can't help them yourself, pass along info, please. Help 'em get home.

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