Merry Merry Christmas Everyone...

My kids put themselves to bed tonight. My kids?? Really??

Yep, the jolly red elf is coming tonight and they have embraced his magic. Levi even swears he will stay in his bed, pinky swear I might add. They were up the stairs and in their beds before I could even make it up the stairs. They've been watching the Norad Santa Tracker, and as they went up he was in Pittsburgh...he's visited Charlie Sarah and Katelyn's house and deposited joful tidings, and this made the kids realize he REALLY IS close and they better get to sleep.

They were old enough this year to exchange presents with each other...and what a sweet Christmas eve picture:

Can't think of anything sweeter than the love of a brother and sister on Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas to everyone that reads this blog, Merry Christmas to all of my family, and may everyone have a blessed Christmas morning... be thankful for everything; large AND small!!

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