Video from Christmas...

I know to most this may be boring, but it's meant so that (mostly) Dad can see the kids "in action". The video from Christmas morning won't be on here... nobody needs to see my big old Mamma butt in my footy pajamas with gross hair helping everyone open presents... HeHe...

But the kids had a fabulous Christmas, and it's such a great thing to see. Megan loves her new 'transformer' bed that she wanted; one of those odd fold-this-way-and-that futons, Matt got the stereo and speakers he wanted (I skated on buying it; him and Bryan and Tiffany spent the night of Thanksgiving out in the cold standing in line to get the best deal; Thanks guys! Santa brought Levi Spike the Ultra dinosaur (which you'll see in the video), and Vivian was thrilled to see that Santa had added to her collection of Barbie and the Three Musketeers *crap*. (yes, I DO remember how much I loved Barbies when I was young... but they are ALL OVER MY HOUSE now!!)

DInner was great, the Prime Rib was to die for, and I explained to everyone (read big kids and Eric) that if I watch them all lay around and sleep next Christmas, they can ask McDonalds to cook their Prime Rib... That oughta go over well, huh?
Really, next year, someone set the table or prepare the veggies... Megan, I'm sure you can learn to make a killer Hollandaise sauce!!

So here goes...

Merry Christmas everyone... and I must say, I'm glad it's over... Here's to the New Year!!!

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