Extra day to spend with the kids this week...

I had a run to deliver to Tacoma on Sunday, so I took Monday as a day home with the kids. I tend to forget how much I miss spending time with Levi and Vivian during the week while life is quiet; while the world is at work, the big kids are at school, and we can just be "Mommy and babies". I like my job *and i like the paycheck, of course*, but I miss my days with the kids.

Watching them interact, which is different, by the way, than it is on weekends. Odd, it's just a day designation, but it does make a difference. They get along *better*, they play more, they have fun.

And the best part? I got so many random "mommy, ...I love you!"'s. Levi is my lover, he's so caring, and so sweet. If i'm not feeling well (with my hysterectomy coming up later this year, I have a lot of pains in my "mommy regions" that will stop me in my tracks or double me over) he will always bring me a blanket, or kiss my head, try to take care of me.

But, by being able to stay home Monday I was treated to many 'mommy i love you's' from Vivian too. I was upstairs blow-drying my hair, and usually if Vivian shows up at the door at that time it is to scream about something Levi has done... So I see her appear at the doorway. I steel myself for the baragge of "levi this-and Levi-that's". Instead, she pauses, looks up at me with those beautiful brown eyes, and simply says:

"Uhm, mommy, ... I love you."

Thank you, Vivian, for that. That warm feeling will stay with me all week and make everything that this week can bring doable!!

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