New church... good move.

The kids and I started attending a new church recently. Vivian is so flexible, she was happy with it from day one. Levi liked it at first, but he's more standoffish. I was looking for a church that was open and friendly.

we've gone for a few weeks, and this week I filled out the paperwork to have the kids enrolled in the Sunday school. And half-way through church Levi even decided he wanted to be in class. (unusual, so that tells me he's opened up the the church also!) After the worship service was over, I went to pick up the kids; another mom commented about Vivian's cute little outfit and Levi's red hair, and me, being a multiple mom and understanding that most multiple moms would rather avoid all the intrusive questions about multiples, I don't usually ask about twins, triplets, etc., but since she opened up the conversation I asked her the age of her girls. (obviously multiples, as they were small enough that it was obvious, and they were dressed identical.) Her girls were about 20 months old; I told her that I had had such fun with mine at that age, and she asked if they were twins; I told her they were surviving triplets... It turns out hers were 27 weekers, and we talked for a few minutes. I left church with a good feeling.

It was a good day. The new church is friendly and welcoming. The sermons are upbeat, and the other people at the church are welcoming, not just the greeters, but all of them.

I don't really know where this post is going... I guess just to a good feeling that we may have found our church home? hmmm. it's been a long trip, i've looked for the right place, the one that felt right, and this seems to be that place.

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Nan & Mike said...

It's great to see you in a positive place and feeling good :) Some things just fit into place like a puzzle, don't they? I miss you! Hugs, Nan