"No, we can't make it, it's naptime"

Multiples and More question of the week: How closely do you follow a schedule for your kids?

So, obviously my little one's are big now. Holy crap, that realization comes after a weekend of Vivian learning how to put her own hair into ponytails, both kids trying to read every sign on the road, and them being able to tell me, 'we're going to play in the back yard!'.

Some moments I yearn for those two-naps-a-day times. Sometimes I wish I were still SAHM so I could be able to better stick with the schedule. But part of growing up is learning to go with the flow, right? And some weekends I am just too tired to schedule anything.

But to us a schedule (when mom's home) is still important. It's wavering as they grow. When they were little, it was imperative.

I was SAHM, and daily walks, baths, playtime, everything was scheduled. Scheduled around therapy times, scheduled around nap time, scheduled around pumping times and feeding times. Scheduled so that the kids would have good habits as they grew older, but also so that my sensory don't-surprise-me-with-anything-out-of-the-ordinary boy would be able to handle whatever came up. In that sense, the schedule was very important. Deviate from the schedule and Levi would take a week to get back into good sleeping habits (have they ever been good?) and a month to get used to a long term change in schedule.

Now, it's important to help cement good habits. Brushing teeth before bed. Bathe regularly. wash hands. clean up after themselves. And, the schedule has helped them to not overpower perenting powers: when out, they listen and are "under control" because they are used to certain things. *Usually*, they ARE toddlers after all, they do have a 'partner in crime', and at times nothing can overpower their bond when they work together...

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