"Spongebob has one of those."

The other day Vivian came out of the downstairs bathroom and declared anxiously that 'The toilet won't go down when I flush, mommy,' OK, I said, and headed in there, as she followed.
These things make her nervous.
It made me think back to when Megan was about 2 years old. The toilet in our apartment wouldn't flush, and we had to finally call in a plumber after trying many things ourselves. Megan was in the bathroom as the plumber pulls out a yogurt cup from deep in the toilet's bowels "I did that!" she proudly declared...
So I head into the bathroom, and I use the plunger to clear the blockage. Easy this time, thankfully no yogurt cup. As I was using the plunger I explained to Vivi, "this is a plunger, it will push water through the toilet and push what ever is making it not flush go through." I flush the toilet and all's well.
Vivian's thought as she ponders plungers and toilets while getting ready for pre-school... "Spongebob has one of those, too, Mommy!"

HeHe, yes he does baby.

Just a reminder to myself that I want to remember all these cute things my little one's say. That I want to remember how Vivian butchers the words High Fructose Corn Syrup when asking if a wanted treat contains this and is therefore off limits... Hmmm, lets see if I can do this phoenetically:


Nope, cuter than that.

I'll have to tape it...

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