"Mom, You're like a Farm Animal"...

Here's how it plays out...

I'm in the kitchen preparing for dinner. Vivian is always curoius.

In she walks and stands there looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes... (I am so lucky in that my last three kids were born with those brown eyes that I love so much!)

And it begins. "Momma, who helped you grow us?" (her brothers and her) I'm thinking 'where the heck is this going?'

I turn to my beautiful redhead; "I grew you all by myself in my tummy, Baby."

Vivi: "but the doctor helped you, right?"

"Well, yeah, he took the eggs out of me and put them back in after they started growing, and then he prayed with us that God would help us have a successful pregnancy..." (I'm still a bit baffled)

Vivi: "So you're like a chicken?!"

"Yeah, Honey, I suppose so..."

Levi pipes in: "And when we were little your body made milk for us..."

"yep, you're right, baby."

In unison: "So you're like a cow!! Mommy, you're a farm animal!!"

They are absolutely loving this! That their mom is "like a farm animal" is hilarious!!

OH, yeah, you betcha, they don't stop there... Vivian barely misses a beat:

"And now, Mommy, you're a food!!" Giggles and giggles.

She's having a blast, and I'm completely baffled by this newest revalation, even more so now...

I say "What, sweety??" I should know better than to even ask...

"You're belly jiggles like jello now, so you're a food, you're Jello!!"

Thanks for that, my sweet angel!

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