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Floors... So, like other home improvement projects; this has turned into more than I thought. More work, more hassle, and *thankfully* more of a drastic change.

When we moved in here just over 6 years ago we didn't care about condition of the floors, which needed replaced at that point. We signed off and moved in, we had babies that were soon to be coming home from the hospital and we were still reeling from Eric's passing. (some days that doesn't seem that far away) So we moved in, set up the house as best we could, and the babies came home just weeks later.

Then the whirlwind began. So just last year, or maybe the year before, I'm not really sure... It's like we woke up. The kids are pretty healthy (minus the nasty cold/ cough that's been following us the last week.) and our house was in need of attention. So God put in our hands the water damage a couple days before Christmas. (nice sense of humor!) Which turned out to be a blessing. That started the ball rolling on the home improvement...

Here's what we've done so far:

End result... I am thankful for Eric and his patience while painting. Where I am more inclined to paint the kids' wall murals and choos fun colors, Eric is very good at the tedious job of painting all one color and getting it right. I like to choose the colors, and I can see it in my head, but I do not have the patience to paint whole rooms the way he does.

In the end, I am impressed with  how it came out. I have to admit I was even nervous when I bought the molding and tole Eric that he'll be painting it black: I have never before seen black molding in a home, but It was what worked in my head.

And I think it turned out well!

Now on to the new front door and the playroom floors!

Sorry about the grainy pictures: Megan's camera sucks...


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