"Mommy, God is a bad word"

The title is decieveing: don't let it fool you. We're not a Godless family. I admit I could be stronger in my convictions, and more knowledgeable about the bible, and even pray more...

But the kids and I do attend church. Vivian likes the Sunday school class, Levi like to be with me during the service *usually*. Sometimes he'll go to class, but usually likes to spend the time next to me.

So Yesterday Vivian went to Sunday school, and Levi stayed with me. When service was over we walked down to get Miss Vivian. She had made a sign that said "*heart* GOD" All pretty and colorful, she was proud of what she had made.

As we're getting her packed up and picked up, Levi proclaims loudly... "Momma, God is a bad word!"

Yes, loudly. In church. In front of other people.

Can you see me trying to quickly explain that it is a bad word if you use it in a certain way, to a six year old that doesn't quite understand the logistics of word use yet, all the while he is telling me, "But Mommy, you tell me God is a bad word!"

Oh My Gosh!!

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