What the %&## am I thinking???

We had some water damage to our living room and entry caused by a frozen pipe a couple days before Christmas. So I went into auto mode:  Pull out wet pad, dry carpet and ULTG flooring, move the tree to a different room for Christmas morning (the cramped Playroom) and move on.

So, soon after Christmas the insurance adjuster came and inspected. This week we got the check for repair. It was to reuse our old carpet and replace entry linoleum. OK. The carpet is 18 years old. Yuck. It's needed replaced, and we've been talking about hardwood floors... the amount of repair will cover the flooring if I do it myself.

I'm a nut. Really.

There are two six year olds at our house; that translates to one day of Pre-School a week, 2-3 (alternating Wednesdays) days of Kindergarten, one therapy session every other week. One fifteen year old; that in itself I have come to realize is enough to bring down a solid household: "clean your room, what are you doing after school?, You need how much money for WHAT??, are you coming home after school?, You want me to drive you WHERE??, and oh-so-much-more. And then an 18 year old; always job hunting but not yet working, helpful around the house to an extent, but in-and-out a lot. Pair all of that with Eric's work schedule: gone Friday night through Monday evening on his layover run, gone wednesday afternoon/evening, and possibly other weekdays if he gets called in. And my schedule: leave at about 4:30am and home usually around 5:30pm. We have sit-down dinner at the dinner table 5-6 out of 7 days a week, which means that if I don't start dinner in the slow cooker before I leave for work I am racing to cook when I get home, all in the middle of helping with homework, arguments over toys and "mom, I needs"...

So this weekend I jumped off the deep end: I tore out the carpet in the living room and dining room. At this moment I am taking a break from the hammer and chisel; I am in the middle -well, 3/4 way through- of taking up all the tack strip. new instructions to the kids to wear slippers at all times until the new floors are installed.

Next weekend: install floors, then onto the entry and bathroom floor demo, then installation, and then playroom floors...

Yayyy!! and holy crap!!! this is going to be more work than I thought. As I lay the kids down tonight I pray for strength, patience and stamina. I'm already sooo tired on the weekends; and now I tackle one more thing?

Yep, I'm a little nutso!

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