Soccer! He's playin soccer!!

Levi's having a blast. He had his first soccer Game Saturday. And while he loves it, he has had no practices to date, so was unaware of some minor rules...

Like "you are supposed to try and STOP the other team from getting the ball in the goal". They were instead, watching the other team make a goal and being a bit excited that they had! LOL

And he was TIRED!! The coach understand him and his 'quirks' and she did great with him. He was given the choice to sit near me at his break times, which went well, but he tires so fast. This is why I end up carrying him so much still. But he was a trooper: he kept up on it, and kept going.

We're looking forward to practice tonight, although it is very very cold (no, not East-Coast cold, but cold nonetheless...) ;)

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