Multiples and More question of the week:

How do you encourage your multiples to develop and maintain their own individual identities?

Do you plan to, or already separate them in school? We rallied together to convince the Principle and Teachers at Levi and Vivian's school to put them in the same kinder class. This was for many reasons... one of those being that we KNOW our kids. Vivian is very independant, Levi was not so much. He would still ask after her if she wasn't right next to him throughout the day. Another reason being the studies that have been done regarding twinless twins. The important part of these studies pertaining to school told us that twinless twins have a greater chance of severe separation anxiety during transition times, like starting school. We are in a somewhat unique position in that Levi, although a twinless identical twin, has a fraternal triplet sister, so we were able to lessen his chances of separation anxiety by keeping them together in their first year of school. Next year they will be in their own class, and oddly enough, Vivian is the only one that has voiced concern with being in a different class than her sibling...
Do you encourage your kids to pursue separate interests, or try to keep them in the same activities? Levi and Vivian chose their activities, or at least take part in choosing them. We just got done with Levi's soccer season, Vivian plans on pursuing more gymnastics classes and girl scouts, Levi will continue with soccer and sounds like boy scouts, too.
What are your feelings on dressing multiples alike?
I loooove dressing Levi and Vivian alike, or in the least, coordinating them. Soon they will outgrow even tolorating this... If Eric had lived, you betcha they'd always be dressed alike, for as long as they would let me. (in fact, I have this thought in my head that I'd love to get them identical jeeps for their 16th birthday; one dark pink and one dark blue.)

Levi and Vivian are absolutely individual, not only because of gender differences, but down to the core, although they play well together with friends. I see no reason to push individuality, I believe they are forming their own separate identities just fine on their own...

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Safire said...

So interesting to hear from multiple moms who have older kids. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!