We had a great 4th of July this year. Matt had a blast sharing fireworks with his brother and sister, as well as Melinda, his girlfriend, who spent the day with us.
It was so funny to watch Matt with the fireworks. Or moreso; to watch the boys with the fireworks! Matt learned a lot from watching Grandpa Rodney, since we spent most Independance days at his house. Grandpa always found something cool to blow up, and Matt has the same fun with fireworks! This year, him and Levi attached rockets to cars and watched them race across the closet doors that I had removed from the kids' closet. (easier access without doors!)
It's so awesome to watch my boys together. Matt is so good with Levi. Yes, it pulls at my heartstrings; I always miss Little Eric at times like that. Always wonder how different it would be to watch all 3 of my boys...
Vivian had a blast, too! She enjoyed the fireworks more this year than any other year. Their age has let them blossom; they're turning into such amazing little people. Vivi, of course, is still soooo scared of bugs. Heaven forbid one land on her or near her. She screams, runs, cries and get's angry all at once. Honestly, it's funny to watch, but also frustrating.

We BBQ'd burgers and dogs, ate outside on the back porch, and had a great laid-back day. Eric wasn't there since his run keeps him away from home on the weekends, but Levi and Vivian will fill him in on everything the minute he walks through the door on Monday!

I am so lucky, and so blessed with my children. I am forever in awe of the joy and experience each of them brings to my life!

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