Happy Independance Day!!!

Without getting too much into politics, I would like to say a few things;

I am proud to live in the USA. I am proud and thankful that many of my family members, co-workers and friends have served in the Armed Forces to afford us the ability to live in this free country that we do. And I hope that our current political advisors DO NOT go the way that they seem to be going and cut-off those freedoms from us.
I am thankful that I can choose my children's schools, although, yes, those choices hinder on mine and my husband's economic value. I am ok with that, even with public schooling, every child is able to reach their potential and soar to the highest limits they are capable of with a strong will and determination. To me that is what formed our country, strong will and determination, and that is what I try to instil in my children...
I am thankful, also, that we choose our professions, our homes, our neighborhoods. Our choice, that's what America's all about! Eric and I work hard to support our own kids, and honestly, I resent the government coming in to tell me that our money should go to support others who do not.

So, as everyone celebrates with fireworks, BBQ's and friends tonight, remember, we are celebrating freedom, and everything that comes with it, and when it's time to vote again, let's all stand up and vote for those whom stand WITH us, not against us!

Levi and Vivian and I attended the Ridgefield 4th of July Celebration yesterday, and I am so glad we did, the kids had a blast, we saw some of our friends that we haven't seen in a while, and it was a great day. I can't help but remember one thing more clearly than others, though. Just before the parade began, the National Anthem was sung. The vocalist did a beautiful job, but what struck me most was how everyone had the respect to stop whatever they were doing and turn with their hands over their hearts, adults and children alike. Even my Levi and Vivian, although there were a few questions from Vivian, Levi was steadfast on doing what he should in his own form of respect! 

Enough "Politics"... See the pic above? This is my saving grace in my journey of raising surviving triplets... Who would guess that these two are the same age? The size difference is what saved me from hearing "Oh!! Are they twins?!" everyday. People think they are a couple years apart most times. The size difference, and their age in general. Yesterday at the Ridgefield Parade:

The kids had a great time at the parade, chased a lot of candy, and stole a chair from Jeff's mom. (Yes, it was offered to them, and were glad to have it!) So, anyways, during the parade they were mindful to offer candy to the girl next to them, and at one point Vivian shared her beads with the woman that had been beside them for the whole showing. She was thankful, and afterwards I noticed she spent a couplke minutes talking with the kids... After talking to them, she stepped back to where I was behind them, and asked me... "Your kids are adorable, but are they twins?" I said "No, they are actually triplets, their brother passed away during infancy." I try to not give too many details. She says to me" Oh! Now I  understand, I had asked them if they were twins, and your son said they were triplets and their brother died!" Levi is very honest and to-the-point! LOL!
A picture that Levi enjoyed from yesterday's parade, and then I am off to BBQ for tonight... Grampa, Levi wants you to know that there is a club here in our area that enjoys restoring jeeps like yours...and apparently not all of them are fully restored yet, as evident in the tow-line, LOL!

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July Everyone!!

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elteescat said...

I've looked at this post several times the last few weeks, but have put off posting a comment because I'm always on a borrowed computer and only have time to rush around online and look at what I want to see. I just wanted to say that I just love the second picture down in this post, the one of The Redheaded Threesome all together with the flags and bows! Eric JR.'s grave is so cute with that rocky horse! Happy belated 4th of July wishes to you guys. And good luck to the kids with their new school year! :)

liz.mccarthy said...

Loved the first picture Erika! Thanks for posting my website (micropreemies.com as a support resource!) Liz M