M&Ms Matt and Megan Mondays!

Pictures of the big kids are few and far between... This one from when Matt and I were working on the floors caought my eye, because at times I forget how much taller than I my first born is now-a-days. I don't know Matt's exact height, but I'm sure he's pushing 6-foot.

I've had many requests for more pictures of Matt and Megan. I can't promise too many pictures of Matt, as he always seems to be able toavoid the cameras, but I'm sure I'll be able to get some pictures of goofy Megan.
So, in-line with the new ideas for the blog, Mondays will be M&M's Mondays. When I think of my next tatoo, that's what I think of; My M&M's. If I were more inclined to make my body a walking comic book I'd have a colorful tatoo of the M&Ms candy dudes, but that's not what my plan is...

Matthew: I still have a hard time believeing that my "baby" is 19 years old. How can that be?, I still feel like I'm only 17... (yep, until I glance in a mirror that is!) He's made his own road, has shown that he is as stubborn as his mom, and hopefully as determined. I'm inclined to believe that the latter is true after watching him during his first couple weeks at Parr...  Matt started working at Parr Lumber at the Hillsboro yard the day after Memorial Day. His first two weeks were tough. He was so tired after the end of the day he would limp into the house and scarf down food, then straight to bed. I have to admit; part of my rejoiced. He was understanding how tired I am after a 60 or more hour week... he was seeing that when I fall asleep on the couch as soon as I get the little kids settled I'm not being lazy, but that I work my butt off! But also, part of me was so sad for him. I didn't realize that his clubfoot, since it was repaired at 9 months of age, and since it had never really given him problems throughout his growing up, I didn't realize it would give him so much trouble at a manual labor-intensive job. I wish I could turn back time and somehow prevent him being born with the clubfoot. But, after two weeks, he has energy after work, he visits with his girlfriend in the evenings, but best of all, I see a sense of accomplishment. I'm sure that it wasn't in his plan to work for Parr, but it's a good job with good future possibilities...

And Megan, oh my Megan... She has decided she really is a teenager. She's always been a bit "harder" to deal with than her older brother; girls seem to be so much more mentally challenging. She is, at the time, grounded. Her most recent jaunt in to teenager-hood got her in some trouble. I'd like to bury my head in the sand and pretend it isn't so... I wish I could. She decided that a good desicion one night entailed her and her best friend decieving her friends mom, end result was a group of kids that thought they were old enough to drink, and all of them recieving MIP's. I guess it is more of an MIC, since they had no alcohol on them, but were drunk. Here comes the parenting challenge: we all (almost all) did this, maybe not at 15, but close to it. She is going through the rights of childhood. She is growing up. So: we are focusing on Choices and ramifications of such. Please; someone tell me this will sink into this kids head. She can go so far if she makes wise choices...

The last thing I want to share about my M&M's... I am so impressed daily at how they care for and about Levi and Vivian. Matt will take a day from his very short weekend and take his little brother fishing, and Megan is almost always willing to hang out with her little brother and sister. So much so that Levi likes to call her Megan-mom while I'm at work. Both of the big kids are so great with their younger siblings, which is such a great thing to experience!

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