School is 3 days away!!!

And this:

Is what school supplies for two first graders and a high school junior looks like for Evergreen School District for 2010-2011.

Amazingly, only about 1/10 of this is for Megan. We will know more about the extras that she'll need after classes start and we get notification from her teachers. What you see on the table is about $175.00 of shopping at the best price possible. I know a lot of what was bought for our first graders is so they can share with the class... tissues and baby wipes (yep, both Levi and Vivian asked why they need baby wipes for first grade!) and things of the like.

School starts Wednesday morning. a few things left to do. Haircuts, have Vivian's bag embroidered, and fingers are crossed that Levi's bag arrives from Garnet Hill soon. It is in-transit, so hopefully! He picked out the monsters design, it is so cute!! They met their teachers last week, and this will be their first year in their own class, they are in rooms just across the hall from each other. Both were a little apprehensive, but seem exited now! Levi asked if any of his old friends from last year will still be his friends this year. "Yep, and new one's too!!"

Levi and Vivian are going to their back-to-school dentist appointment this afternoon... hopefully they both get good reports from her!

And, since I registered for Clark College, I have a lot of prep to do. I was accepted to the Fall semester, but I may not be fully prepared until winter semester in January...

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