We love our Dentist!!

It was dentist visit day today. Levi and Vivian, although nightmarish with a hangnail or sliver, have always been fabulous for most doctor appointments, all surgical appointments, and dentist appoinments. I guess when you grow from infancy in the arms of doctors as often as you are in your parents arms...

But Levi and Vivian love their Dentist ! We've gone their since their first dental appointment. It was a perfect fit. See, when they were babies, I painted their room in an under-the-sea theme with matching pottery barn crib bedding (one pink, one blue, of course!) and the dentist office is painted very similar.

Doctor Butler and all of the hygenists and other staff are wonderful with the kids. It's a very relaxing time when we are there. We did get bad news: Levi needs a filling in between two of his molars. Ouch. I had hoped that these two would never have to get fillings. Vivian has nothing new to report, she has had a cavity between her two front teeth for over a year now, but it is not growing, and it is not discolored. We'll just watch it closely, as the teeth should fall out soon.

We did hear "twins" once, but even though they know the story, they don't mean any harm. They see two the same age, they see "twins"... anyways... I love to report good visits to any doctor, and here are a couple pics of the happy two at the dentist: (The last two were taken while Dr. Butler examined each.)

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