School's IN!!

Walking towards school...

I wasn't well prepared this year, see? Vivian is using last years' backpack because hers was still at Instant Imprints getting her name embroidered on it. She was so angry with me that she wouldn't have her bag for the first day. Mom's not perfect. (really??!!) Levi's backpack had not yet arrived, but he was perfectly happy to not carry a backpack, he just wanted his lunch. Yep, two completely different kids!

Levi in his seat. He sits with his back to the door, but directly behind him is Vivian in her own class across the hall.
Vivian in her seat, she faces her classroom door, where Levi sits right across the hall in his own classroom.

I think I was more excited this year than they were. Levi was a bit apprehensive. He was worried he wouldn't find his old friends. He was worried that he wouldn't like his own class. But that soon dissapated when he saw his friends Hugo and Kavan in his classroom. Vivian was all smiles and no worry until we walked into her class. Then shyness emerged. Daddy helped her put her supplies where they belonged and Levi and I waited in the kid-traffic jam at the doorway, and Vivian began to open up. She signed that she loved me, and I was off to wait in line to get Levi in his classroom. He was very shy with his teacher, but soon found his desk and right away began writing on the school paper the teacher had set at everyon's desk.

First Grade. I'm blown away. 

Megan is a Junior this year. On the morning of her first day (the same day as the kids' first day) I got a call from an almost-hysterical Megan. She had over slept. She was going to miss the bus. The world was HORRIBLE. Yep. 16 years old. I got her calmed and called Matt to elicit help for his sister and a ride to school, as I wasn't leaving work for over an hour to get the little one's to school. She called me after her and Matt had left; the world was OK again, she didn't much like her hair that morning, but I assured her she'd have a great first day...

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Angela said...

Too funny! The things they'll never let us live down! love the backpack! And I'm dreading those teen girl years! Hope to see you soon! Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?