Birthday Bash... Happy Birthday to my big 7 year olds!!!

The birthday party was Saturday the 16th. We had a BLAST!!! Although I'm not sure of the exact count, from the amount of cupcakes that were eaten, we had 24 kids 8 and under over. It was the best yet in my opinion! We decked out the playroom like Halloween and had a Halloween costume party (Vivian's request, and Levi was more than happy to agree!)

First, I have to give a HUGE THANKS to Kristi Kellar for making our fabulous cakes and cupcakes for the party. She also bakes and sells her creations in a shop in Longview, if you're local, it's well worth the drive, but if you're not, click on one of the links and check her out, she did such an amazing job on our kids' cakes! I talked with her, shared our wish to incorporate three into the design, you know, for all three kids, and she ran with the Halloween theme and made us so happy! And believe me, they tasted even better than they looked!! She even added a black widow spider in there, which, even though she had no idea, is Levi's favorite spider lately!! He was so excited to be able to cut into that spider and eat it! (as well as finger all of the frosting off the last of the cake that was left! LOL!)

 The fillings and flavors were awesome! She made four (or five?) different cake flavors for the cupcakes, and the cakes were all different as well. I have to say my favorite was the white cake with apple filling. Ohhhhhhh, that was sooooo good!!

Happy as can be with a handful of frosting!!
The birthday celebration started on Friday night, the night of their actual birthday, when we joined auntie Lisa and Gramma Charlene for a Build-A-Bear trip. The kids have been asking and asking for Build-a-Bears, so their birthday was finally time. Levi dressed an owl up as a harley rider, Vivian decked out a peace-sign covered bear with all the girly fixins! (sorry no pics, maybe at some point...) We followed that with dinner at Outback Steakhouse by the Vancouver Mall. That was Levi's choice, he's been asking to go there. We got our tired kids home, and they fell fast asleep with their new bear and Owl in hand.

The next morning was Mom and Dad's mad rush for last minute needs; dry ice for the cauldron, costumes for Eric and I, and up to Subway to ask if they could make a 3-foot sub for that afternoon. (which they did, and at such short notice, it was so nice of them!) The party started at noon, so while I got last-last minute things done I dyed my hair black; because what self-respecting Vampiress has blond hair, huh? And as I was finishing getting dressed, the kids starrted arriving... eventually we gathered everyone togetherand bobbed for plastic apples, played pin the face on the pumpkin, hot potato, broke the pinata, and lots of time on the playstructure outside. True to form, I missed pretty much all of the gift opening. I can't seem to follow what's going on when Levi and Vivian open gifts, seems like I spend most of my energy at that point chasing flying paper, LOL!

After the kids left we had family and a few friends over to celebrate a little less loud... a calm celebration! It was all around a great day, and I am so happy with the kids' choice to make it a Halloween-type birthday, because it turned out so fun!!

There were too many pictures to pick a favorite or two or three...

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