Flu shots again...

Today after work will be time for flu shots for Megan and the little ones. I have to admit that I almost forgot this year. They have grown to be so healthy that working hard at keeping them healthy has become second nature. Almost forgot: hence the appointment today. Vivian is upset with me, she asks me to not tell her of the upcoming shots, while Levi tells me it is going to tickle. Yep, tickle, that's what he said last time he had his blood drawn to check for allergies; that the needle tickles. Even when he had the shots to repair the cavity he had we found him giggling mid-shot. Seeker. That's what his therapist had told us about him. That he's a seeker, he seeks out sensory input, but I never imagined that this meant he would laugh during imunizations or blood raws or other shots...

So I am heading to the pediatrician this afternoon to watch Megan wince, Levi giggle and Vivian scream her little heart out to help keep them healthy this winter. No matter what, that's way better than watching them in a hospital bed struggling to breath if they get sick and have had no flu shot.

Wincing, Giggles, Tears. No matter what, it's all over in a second, and well worth it! (Atleast the days are over of holding a silently screaming trach baby girl and a loudly screaming baby boy for 20 minutes in the doctors office long enough to calm them back into the stroller so we can head home. I *wish* they were still tha little, but am also glad that we've gotten past certain hurdles!)

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