Big Girls Night Out

Friday night I headed out with my sister, her middle child and my middle child (each of our 16 year old daughters) and made the trek to Warren Oregon's Haunted House Terror In The Country. I had bought 4 tickets for COurtney's birthday so that we could take a night away andgo there. This was a first for me, I have never been able to find a sitter for the kids so that Megan and I, let alone Megan, Courtney, Trina and I, could have a night away as "big girls".

After heading to Trina's work, Papa Murphy's corporate headquarters so that the little one's could Trick-Or-Treat through the offices, I dropped them off at Trina's house so that Briattany could watch them while we were gone. The kids had a BLAST getting treats from all of auntie's co-workers, and were excited to spend the time trick-or-treating early, then hanging out with their cousins an dUncle Rick.

So the girls and Trina and I headed off to the haunted house. My niece Courtney has this awesome ability to use fake voices. She has names and personalities for each... so as we were getting into Scappose, Courtney introduced Megan to her "personalities". We had so much fun laughing and laughing and laughing more. Then we made the turn off of Hwy 30 towards the haunted house.

It was Dark and a little rainy. The perfect backdrop. It was on a country road, so no streetlights. We pull into the "parking lot"; someone's front yard. It was dark and there were a few people. We had already decided that our first stop would be the restrooms since Trina and Megan were both worried about peeing their pants when they got scared...HeHe!

So  I parked the van and we walked towards the haunted house. It was dark, we could hear screams, and there were few people around. As we're walking up, there's a lady standing by where we're headed. She looks like any other person, until we get close enough to see her mask. Trina see's her first and walks away. Megan and Courtney finally see hre and the screaming begins.... She folkows Megan and COurtney around the yard and driveway, and in no time Megan is in tears and clutching auntie Trina.

We find the restrooms and enter the haunted house, megan tightly clutching me, and Auntie and Courtney tightly clutching each-other. I don't think Megan saw any of the haunted house, but she screamed and cried through the whole thing. I've never heard my sister scream so many expletives in conjunction to my name in my life!!

My favorite part... as we were leaving, the girls are still screaming/crying, and we are in the parking lot. I say through the window "happy birthday Courtney" (this was our birthday present for her)... I will never forget the almost evil laugh that the masked monster directing traffic let out upon me telling he happy birthday in the midst of all the screaming!!

What a BLAST!! Can't wait to drag them all out again to do it next year!!

© erikalandon 2010

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