Quiet hospital room.  TV to watch WITHOUT anybody asking for cartoons!; massagers on my legs; friendly smiling nurses, pain control, *i don't even have to get up to pee yet!!*

It sounds as though I may get to go home tomorrow, although, when Dr Saner got here to check on me, the kids were here; the three small ones, and she said she may want to keep me longer, just to be sure I don't get in the middle of the kids and overdo it. :/

Surgery is done, my ovaries are left in, and other issues are repaired. Turns out maybe the pain i have been experiencing for the last few years is scarring from the Cesarean Section to deliver the babies. Doc said that there was a lot of scar tissue and that it had twisted my uterus. Glad to have it taken care of (out of there) and hopefully no more pain like I had been having.

I feel good, the pain is no intense and I;m sure i'll heal quick...

BUT...My step mom Dorothy is fighting so many health issues right now... and on top of her *usual* health issues, she is trying to heal from a broken shoulder. Please keep Gramma in your prayers... we want her to heal quickly.

And something Good from this day:
This day that, 7 years ago weilded the phone call from Emanuel NICU that little Eric was very sick and couold very well pass aaway.
Seven years ago, at about 4 am, I recieved a phone call telling me that Eric was very ill and that they were doing what they could for him.
this morning, at about 4am, i get information that a new life is beginning!!!
           My Niece Nikki and her Husband Kevin (whom Levi loves to call HIS cousin) welcomed Kevin O'Conner Jr. at 12:18 this afternoon. 9lbs 1ounce, 21inches. YAY! Congrats Nikki and Kevin, and Welcome Kevin Jr.!!

Welcome Kevin Jr!!

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