Playdates: boys and girls...

Vivian and Levi each had a playdate this month on consecutive weekends. Vivian's BFF Olivia came over to play the first Saturday. She was so happy to have her friend here; this was the first time Olivia played at our house, usually the girls are at Olivia's. The girls spent a lot of girl time playing inside mostly in the playroom, but by the end of their time together had moved outside to play with a few neighborhood kids:

Levi's friend from school, Diego, came by the following weekend. It had been a long time since Levi had a friend over; he had a really good friend from Preschool, Dillon, that came over a long time ago, but as the boys moved on to different schools we haven't seen him. But having iego over was great for Levi. I love to watch little boys that get along well playing together, little boys are so much fun! The neighborhood boys tend to play so rough, they break toys, try to break toys, and misuse things. But Diego an Levi played well together, asn Iego was such a good kid, he was respectful of our home and Levi's things. The boys had a blast playing on the swing on our front porch. It was funny watching them twirl around and around in the swing, Diego climbing out as dizzy as he could be and trying his darndest to walk in a straight line, ans Levi, he-he! funny thing about an SPD kid?: they don't get dizzy. My guess is that their vestibular processing difficulties prevent their brain from being able to process "dizzy", but it's always funny, almost startling, to watch Levi twirl and twirl and twirl in that swing and get out to walk a straight line no-problem!


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