I'm Home Sick?! I feel GOOD!

I'm home sick. I took two weeks and 4 days off for recovery time after my surgery, one of those being the actual day of surgery. Surgery was Tuesday, and I went home Wednesday afternoon. I was still pretty sore at that point, but I was able to cook dinner for Eric and the kids on Wednesday and Thursday, I was still in a bit of pain, mostly taken care of with the meds, though.
Friday, my Mother In Law sent over potato-bacon-cheddar soup and a pumkin cake for dinner, and I was tired, so it was great to not have to cook that night and the kids liked the soup and loooooved the cake. Saturday Megan fixed left overs for her and her brothers and sister, and on Sunday MIL sent spaghetti and peach cobbler. The kids loved both meals that Charlene sent (huge thanks, Charlene!), and I loved that I could relax a bit more. Someone from work may bring a meal for tonight, but with all the kids at school, I'm just relaxing a bit and working on the computer when I can, resting off and on.

Trina came by to brag about her new grandson, so she and I walked Vivian to the bus stop while Matt drove Levi to school. The Trina and I had a few minutes to talok sans-kids, which hardly ever happens! After a bit she was off to her weight-watchers meeting, which I may look into joining if, after my doc ok's exercise, I can't get my weight down to where it should be. Time to get a handle on things... I've got lots of cute jean sI could wear if I dropped a few pounds, lol!

Levi's handling nights pretty well. He's *mostly* understanding that I can't pick him up when he needs me or is itchy, but he's still coming to me. So far we have cut the crying down to talking *usually* and last night we added a lotion rub-down before bed to the routine, which I am hoping helps him with the itching. So far the bath right before bed has helped cut down the itchiness, and the lotion seemed to help last night.

Matt has been a big help, as has Megan. Matt spent the weekend playing chauffer for his siblings and me, and Megan helped a lot with household upkeep and cooking. I do feel good, and I have to remind myself to "not". I have a million things I'd like to get done, but I am supposed to rest. No lifting over 10 pounds for the next 6 weeks… that's like: 'lift nothing bigger than a gallon of milk.' That's tough!! That and to remind myself to just put everything away for a bit and rest. Without working all day it's hard to rest. Uh – not tired! But I will keep reminding myself, because I do want everything to heal correctly…

I will spend time on my new work-from-home venture (look for info upcoming on my sidebar) and re-vamping my blog with a little more support info and making it more "mine". So – stay tuned: good things 'r a-comin!

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