Wednesday Review: BOGS boots...

My quest to keep the kids warm as winter arrives drove me to Dicks Sporting Goods to find new boots for Levi and Vivian. (actually, Matt drove me there because I had not been cleared by doc to drive yet after surgery, lol)

So anyway, we had gotten Megan her new North Face coat at Dicks the day before, and decided that with the cold weather coming there was no longer time to wait; the little ones needed warm boots.

So I found BOGS. They look very much like regular rain boots, yet they are rated for -30 degrees Fahrenheit!! Really?? They are awesome!!

My favorite things about the BOGS:
  1. the kids (got a pair for Levi and a pair for Vivian) can put them on by themselves. They have handles on top to make this process easier.
  2. they really are warm: Yes, I asked the kids. The look is deceiving: they don't look 'significant', not at all like those big bulky snowboarding-type snow boots!
  3. they repel water and are 100% waterproof. The only way Levi and Vivian were able to get their socks wet (were they trying??) was to get snow INSIDE them, lol!
  4. they have a super cushion-y stretchy inner with AEGISanti-microbial protection which I love: it won't harm my kids, but will help protect not only their boots from deterioration and other perils, but also protects their little feet from fungus and other yucky stuff!
            From the AEGIS website: "Since the AEGIS Microbe Shield technology does not dissipate or leach, it can not be absorbed by the organism - or by you."
  5. They are CUTE!! I bought the "Classic High Paisley" in pink for Vivian, and the "Classic High Dragon" for Levi. (Levi loved the design because "my dragon is breathing fire, mom". :)
  6. They are comfy and flexible, although I bought them for snow, they will work for rainy mud-puddle days as well. The bottom, if you can tell in the picture, is made of rubberized type material, and the top/sides are a more soft-to-the-touch foam type material.

I could list more things I like about their new BOGS, but suffice to say: I will be getting myself a pair for work, I like them this much!. These will be great for days in the rainy weather at Parr Lumber and also great for muddy rainy days when I'm driving a truck and Moffett, but, even better: great for puddle-jumpin' fun days with my kids!!
CUTE!! I love that they have the same boots quality and protection-wise, yet they are individual in their design! Yes, I still dress them alike in ways, lol!

Vivian, on just a regular Pacific Northwest day in her BOGS. She did say they are a little heavy for her cartwheels and round-offs, but what boots ARE made for gymnastics? LOL!

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Lauras Garden said...

I love my BOGS too! I have had them for a year and a half and was thrilled to get them on clearance for half price because they were a few years old. I wear them year round when it is wet snowy or cold - they are soooo comfortable. I want another pair.

Casey said...

Hi, I am following you from the mid week mingle. You have a beautiful family. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Give it to me Tara! said...

Thank you so much for hopping and posting!

Hanna said...

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