New Year: Welcome 2011!!

I am not one to normally make (or keep) New Years' Resolutions. I figure I have enough to keep up with without adding another that most break within days anyways! LOL!

But - I do make goals for myself...
1. this year I am working towards understanding better this silent SPD that Levi fights, and will continue to fight his whole life. In this, I will understand him better and my goal in this has always been to help him navigate this world better.
2. i want to get a REAL handle on my weight this year. A change, not just weight loss. After having the surgery, it is "real" that I will never again give birth... time to get (and stay) in shape!
3. I struggle with the fact that, after quitting smoking for 5 1/2 years, I picked up the nasty habit again...i want to resolve this THIS YEAR. I will do this.
4. I live in awe of the twin, triplet and other higher order multiples moms whom work and still are able to keep up with their kiddo's homework. I struggle with this greatly. And yes, we are ONLY in first grade. Matt and Megan help alot when I cannot get home from work when the kids get off the bus, they atleast respect the "no TV" rule, making the first hour after school the homework/snack time. I don't know what I'd do without my two oldest and all they do to help. But, I still find myself behind on homework weekly and struggling to figure out which teacher sent what... I want to figure this out this year!
5. I am determined to find what grants and financial aid I need for my college classes, and also to help Matt in furthering his education...

But mostly: I want to enjoy my kids. Matt. the oldest is so grown, and I enjoy what time I do get with him, Megan is very engrossed in her own world, and I cherish the moments (be they few and far between) when I can just "chill" with her. And my sweet Levi and Vivian... they are growing ever-so fast every day. I want to enjoy every minute I can... because I know all-too-well that they, too will be as big as Matt and Megan well before I am ready!

And of course this Blog... I am determined to make it more interesting, more compelling, and even enable some (hopefully) weekly giveaways this year: so stay tuned in!!
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