What I have learned in 2011

First off, I have learned that it is hard for me to write or type "2011" without adding an extra "0". Wow... "20011" is a looong way off, am I trying to make a time machine??

Inadvertently I have learned from my youngest that hardwood floors are perfect media for the act of "drifting" with toy cars! I took the area rug out of the living room to clean the floors completely to start the new year fresh. Before I could put it back, Levi found that it was a great place to play cars while Vivian took up the WHOLE playroom to practice her gymnastics. So, a day and a half later, the area rug is still absent from the living room, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing cars after work today with my little one's after we finished dinner.

I have learned (hehe, who knew, lol) that there is a constant struggle in my career choice to manage and nurture many different personalities. I have learned (once again) that I am a control freak... OK - I do not see this as a full-on deficit. Who, after-all, can manage/supervise Operations in a lumber yard without a certain amount of this personality trait? Especially when one is of my gender. And a MOM!! I have, however, learned that the areas in which I had chosen to relinquish control were not the *best* areas of choice, and I am in the midst of reevaluating which areas would be the best for not only me, but for my crew and company...

"The key to wisdom is this --
constant and frequent questioning...
for by doubting we are led to question and
by questioning we arrive at the truth."
-Peter Abelard (1099-1142)
© erikalandon 2010

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